Are you looking for public space lighting for your public spaces? Quasar has it all. Since 1992 they have produced exceptional lighting and unique designs. They work together with world-famous top designers, each of them has their own expertise and style.  They produce the highest quality public space lights which are available in thousands of designs.

Since they work with different materials in combination with LED, they create the most remarkable lamps. The possibilities at Quasar are endless. Whether you want a hanging lamp, standing lamp or ceiling lamp, Quasar has it all.  And not to forget their gorgeous wall and floor lamps. If you want your public spaces to stand out, Quasar has the perfect design for you!

Looking for real eye-catchers? With lamps from Quasar you will create a special and warm atmosphere for your lobby, restaurant or hotel.  They have a wide range of public space lights which come in various forms. If you want modern, chic or elegant designs, Quasar has it all!

The designs are unique, contemporary and fully customized. The designs can be made entirely after the size and color according to the preferences of the customer. Take a look at their website!

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